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The Right Wedding Invitation for You

For those who are about to say their “I do’s”, it may come as a surprise that there is much more planning and preparation to do than what they expected after getting engaged. Many big decisions must be made and attention to detail becomes crucial. One of the important decisions the couple needs to face is choosing the look of the wedding invitations they’ll be giving out to the people with whom they want to share their special day.
the right wedding invitation for you
Basically, there are two kinds out there – modern and traditional wedding invitations. They differ in terms of colors, fonts, formats, and even the way the couple would like their guests to be dressed – whether it’s a black tie event or an old-fashioned, traditional gathering. Each kind depends on the theme and overall feel of the wedding ceremony.

Modern Wedding Invitations

Modern wedding invitations are suited for modern weddings. If a couple prefers that their guests be more relaxed in terms of the dress code and ceremony, then this is the kind of invitation they would opt for. There is more freedom in the variety of paper or materials as well as the color schemes and design patterns. These types of invitations are perfect for contemporary or stylish wedding themes.

Even though the modern invitations stand out more than traditional wedding invitations, they can still have a clean and fresh look. One advantage is that they can be patterned after a certain theme or look of a wedding.

Traditional Wedding Invitations

When it comes to traditional weddings, an elegant, classic, or formal look is preferred. This is because there is a certain format that traditional wedding invitations follow, which are based on etiquette rules. Included in these rules are the wording, lettering, color schemes, as well as the shape of the invitation which may be rectangular or a single pane square.

But that is not to say that traditional wedding invitations limit one from choosing a design or color scheme. These kinds of wedding invitations may still have embossed monogram, a border, or even a decorative element like a ribbon. The envelope liners may still have color for as long as it is gold, silver, or a gentle pastel shade.

It may be difficult to choose which kind of invitation to go with as there are many ways a wedding invitation can be done. Choosing which kind, whether it is modern or a traditional one, all depends on what a couple would like to see as a remembrance of their special day. After all, most wedding pictures end up being framed for display in photo albums and in the living room. It is something that they will look back from time to time as they spend the rest of their lives with one another.

For ideas on which type of wedding invitation suits you, there are several selections available online. Look through hundreds of modern and traditional wedding invitations which would best represent you and your lifelong partner.

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