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The Proper Dog Breed Information Makes The Perfect Dog

There are basically two different ways to breed dogs. The first and most common method is referred to as simple breeding. This is just to satisfy the need to have more dogs as pets or for general purposes such as watchdogs or companions. The second method is to breed dogs that serve a special purpose such as hunting, herding, or even to be used in battle. In the past, people knew little of actual dog breed information such as genetics or specific traits of different breeds but they were able to observe that certain dogs were better at some things than others.
the proper dog breed information makes the perfect dog
The modern domesticated dog is a result of the dog breed information that had slowly been compiled and applied by different cultures many years before. As dogs began to become dependent on people for food and affection, the bond between us became stronger and dogs became docile; very different from the wild and instinctive creature that they had originated from. Unlike its wild ancestor, the wolf, a dog will learn by observing.

Farmers, hunters and shepherds knew little of dog breed information but they did know that they needed dogs that could perform specific tasks. As a result, the dogs that performed the best were the ones that were allowed to breed in hopes that the puppies would be as good or better than the parents at performing their required duties. At this point in the history of dogs, there were no distinctive breeds but there were different basic types of dogs. In time, they began to develop similarities in both appearance and behavior. This was the very beginning of different breeds as we know them today.

The overwhelming variety of breeds was developed during the Victorian era, a time of great creativity. People began to be more interested in having animals as pets as well as for performing certain duties. And for the first time in history, the dogs’ physical appearance became important. Smaller fluffy dogs became a status symbol and owning one symbolized success and high status.

The breeding of dogs has continued to this very day and sometimes has been the topic of much controversy. One such example of this was the breeding of pit bulls in recent years in an attempt to make them more aggressive and vicious. This resulted in the actual banning of this particular breed throughout many cities and localities in numerous countries. A less common example of questionable breeding is the labradoodle, a combination of Labrador and poodle created solely for the purpose of selling high priced exotic puppies.

Of course today, most dogs are considered as pets and only a small minority is actually used as working dogs. Knowing the proper dog breed information allows one to pick a pet that is perfect for their individual wants and needs. The happier you are with your new canine friend, the happier he will be too! And isn’t that the whole point of having a dog in the first place?

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