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The Perfect Foam Party Attire

The concept of foam parties gives us a childish sense of enjoyment and enthusiasm. Almost everyone would be excited to have some fun within deep layers of fluffy foam accompanied by our close friends. Mostly, these parties are held in night clubs and other casual socializing spaces. It may take lots of preparation to arrange a foam party; at the same time it can take equally meticulous care to prepare oneself for a foam party.
The Perfect Foam Party Attire
An important decision to make when attending such parties is your foam party attire. Foams are wet, clingy and slightly soapy. They tend to have a considerable effect on certain materials and can even damage some very delicate clothes. You have to keep in mind to wear something that can override these possible disasters.
First of all, the foremost question that’s abuzz in one’s head would be: what does one wear to a foam party? Foam party attire is not exactly specific, people wear all sorts of clothes, but there are some factors to keep in mind. Here are some suggestions on how to dress for a foam party.

For Guys
Often, foam parties are held during warmer seasons, and sometimes in open areas. Summer shorts, colorful t-shirts and any beachwear are ideal foam party attire. You can accessorize with some goggles or sunglasses and even opt for a swimming cap.

An option here would be to go in normal to casual clothes, pack these beach style clothing and take them along with you to the foam party. Enjoy your initial moments of socializing then change into your foam party attire when the foam machines are started.

There are instances where some even attended foam parties in complete formals, and then change into something more apt. It’s all totally up to you.

For Girls
More than the boys, girls spend way too much time deciding in front of their wardrobe and stress on what to wear. Foam party attire should be fit, not very loose and something that won’t make you feel uncomfortable when it gets soaked. A casual summer dress that would also adapt in a nightclub-like surrounding would suit best. You can even choose to go for a swim wear if you like; other recommended items are miniskirts, sleeveless shirts, tank tops or hot pants. Avoid light colors or white tops, since they can become transparent.

Keep your make up to a minimum as you would in a beach or pool party. Also, make sure they are waterproof; the foam combined with the perspiration due to too much activity is going to leave you sweaty and sticky.
And with footwear, avoid wearing heels or anything vulnerable to slippery surfaces. Flats or pumps are ideal for this party. Tie up your hair well, pack some handbag essentials, maybe some extra clothes and waterproofing for your cameras, cell phones then you’re good to go and ready to have fun!

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