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The New Mexican Cuisine

After Chinese food, Mexican cuisine is considered to be the next most varied and extensive in the world. Each of the country’s regions is proud of having its own cuisine style. However, many people tend to confuse Mexican cuisine with New Mexican cuisine. Yes, both are known for their exciting flavor, zest, and spiciness, but there are actually a number of factors that make them distinct from each other.
the new mexican cuisine
A Closer Look at Traditional Mexican Cuisine

For a lot of people, once they hear the term ‘Mexican food’, they already jump to the conclusion that they will be eating a very spicy meal. Yes, there are quite a few Mexican dishes that are spicy, but not all are. Chili peppers are also commonly used in cooking Mexican food, and the country has a lot of them in terms of varieties and species. Among the most popular include the Jalapeno, Habanero, Pasilla, Poblano, and Serrano.

In addition to using these spices, the Mexicans also love variation in their diets. They love meat, poultry, fish, fruit, vegetables, seafood, and grains. Soups, stews, and sauces are important to them as they consider these the integral part of their cuisine. They also follow different cooking methods, such as slow roasting, baking, and deep frying.

The tortilla is one of the main components of a typical Mexican meal. Masa (corn dough) is used to make tortillas, which are then made into balls then flattened to discs. The authentic version of this particular Mexican staple food is made from corn. You will find fresh tortillas being sold in supermarkets all throughout the day. These are also used to make soft tacos.

New Mexico and Their Zesty Cuisine

New Mexican cuisine, on the other hand, comes from New Mexico, United States rather than from Mexico. There are some similarities, but, as mentioned above, there are still several things that make the distinction between Mexican and New Mexican cuisines. One of these is the set of ingredients used in concocting the dishes. Some of the favorite New Mexico foods include burritos, calabacitas, caldillo, carne adovada, chalupa, chile con queso, and capirotada.

Two of the main factors that Mexican cuisine focuses on include traditional flavors and cooking methods. New Mexican dishes make use of a combination of a variety of ingredients. The cuisine of New Mexico is much more like a fusion of Native American, Spanish, and Mexican components. Of course, you will still find grains, corn, and squash in many New Mexican foods, but the way that they have been prepared and the other ingredients that have been used vary.

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