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The Meaning Behind Those Henna Tattoo Designs

Recently, henna tattoos have become a great form of expression for the young generation, most especially for women and teenagers. They have found a cheap and stylish way of becoming trendy. Some may wonder where henna originated. Well, henna is the English name of the plant that provides ink used for chair coloring, fingernail art, leather and wool painting. The henna tattoos are known to be non-permanent because they simply stain the skin’s top layer, making it superficial. The color of the material is usually brown but different techniques are used to produce better colors. Mixing organic ingredients such as fruits, leaves, and coffee to the henna paste will give you a variety of fun and colorful shades. It is also suggested to put oil and sugar into the paste to strengthen the color and produce a longer-lasting henna tattoo.
The Meaning Behind Those Henna Tattoo Designs
Many people wonder how long does a henna tattoo really last. Henna tattoos can last for approximately two to four weeks, depending on the ink used and how the person takes care of the tattooed part. If you would like to have one, there are a plethora of designs to choose from. As cheesy as it may sound, there are also corresponding henna designs meanings for each style, figure or color that you choose. The in-demand tattoos and henna designs meanings are the symbol of hope, love, fertility, good health, and wisdom.

There are a lot of henna tattoo designs available. The meanings of these designs would most likely depend on the tribe, organization or views that the person getting it is affiliated with. Most of the designs are in the form of flowers. Flowers have henna designs meanings too – they usually symbolize earth, nature, hope (for white flowers), and love (for red ones). Aside from the design itself, henna designs meanings also vary from the swirls of the design.

It was mentioned earlier that brown is the natural color of the henna. Be careful if you see black-colored henna. Although many designs connect with their meanings if done with black ink, black henna is known to have a chemical that may hurt your skin. It may cause skin irritation, allergies or worse, even result in mild burns. You can still put meaning to the colors by choosing a different shade that is more suitable, not only for the design, but for the skin as well.

Apart from the henna designs meanings, the body parts where you choose to place your henna tattoo on also depict your personality and social views. Some teenagers prefer placing one on their wrist as a sign of friendship. Some place theirs on the neck as sign of freedom. And some girls choose an ankle-like design, which is a way of inviting other people to do the same.

Henna tattoos may be a taboo for some people but it is a great and cheap way to be fashionable. Not only that, it is one way of expressing yourself and your beliefs to the society you belong with.

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