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The Many Convenient Ways to Use Your NetSpend Debit Card

A NetSpend debit card card is a prepaid debit card similar to having an ATM card from a bank but without going through the hassle of opening a bank account or the need to maintain a minimum balance. NetSpend had provided more than 7 million consumers the ability to pay bills, purchase items and manage their money without the inconvenience of dealing with banks and undergoing rigorous credit checks. The cards can be purchased online or at more than 30,000 locations throughout the U.S. including grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations and many other places.

netspend debit card

How to Use Your NetSpend Debit Card

The first step to enjoying your new card is to activate it. The process is quite easy and only takes a minute to do. Simply choose the plan that’s best for you, create an online account and you’re ready to go! You can also sign up for free Antyime Alerts that will send text messages to your phone so you’ll always know what is going on with your account. Your card will allow you to use it the same as a credit card too and is accepted anywhere that Visa or MasterCards are accepted. You can use your card online, over the phone or to make store purchases, and of course, withdrawing cash from ATMs is available worldwide. With a NetSpend card, you can also rent a car, buy gas, reserve a hotel room, pay bills, send money to family and friends and much, much more.

How to Reload Your NetSpend Debit Card

There are many convenient ways to reload your card and all are safe and secure. Unfortunately, the option of reloading through credit cards is not yet available.

Direct Deposit. Free to use and saves you the time and trouble of cashing your paychecks. There are no fees of any kind and no need to wait in line to cash your check. You also need not worry about losing your money or being robbed.

Reload in Person. You can use either cash or checks to add money to your account at more than 100,000 locations including gas stations, grocery stores, Money Gram or Western Union, check cashing stores and more. Additional locations may be found at convenient Reload Center Locator available in their website.

Transfer Money from a Bank Account. Just about any U.S. bank account can be used to transfer money to your NetSpend card and it can be either a checking or savings account or even another debit card.

Use PayPal to Add Funds. This method is also free to use and is very simple way for your friends or family to send money to you from their bank accounts. Normally takes 2 – 3 business days when using this method.

How do I Add Money if I don’t Have my NetSpend Debit Card With Me?

If you don’t happen to have your card with you but need to add money, no problem! Simply purchase a NetSpend Reload Pack available at many retails stores and you can add funds immediately. This is also a great way to add money to a friend’s card as well.

Can I transfer money from one NetSpend debit card to another?

You can and it’s quite easy. You can transfer online between accounts for free or by using the NetSpend toll free phone service if you are not able to go online. There is a $1 fee for the phone transfer.

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