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The Lowdown on Mental Health Rehabilitation

Over the years, there is a rapid increase in the population of people facing psychological problems.These problems often lead to poor physical and mental health and counterproductive performance in work or school.
The Lowdown on Mental Health Rehabilitation
Aside from the organic/genetic causes of psychological disturbances, there is a rise in people suffering from substance abuse. This abuse can be in the form of alcohol, prescription drugs and psychoactive substances.

In response to this, health care professionals, with the help of the government, built facilities aimed at helping the individual cope up with the challenges of dealing with substance abuse, while simultaneously restoring his functional capacity.

Rehabilitation Objectives
One of the main focus of rehabilitation centers is to help patients recover from substance abuse, thus, utilizing an approach to modify the patient’s behavior. This includes programs that simulate a drug-free environment therefore encouraging the individual to live healthily.

Types of Rehabilitative Approach
A number of behavior intervention techniques are employed in this regard:

This is the primary approach applied in helping the patient recover from his psychological problems. Here, the counsellor makes the individual become aware with regards to the nature of his problem. Through this manner, the individual learns other ways of dealing with his problems in a positive light. Counseling sessions can be done on a one-on-one basis or with a group. Sessions may be held on a day-to-day or weekly basis.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
This technique allows the patients to dig deeper to the root cause of their addiction problem while becoming conscious of the repercussions of the action he previously resorted into in his attempt to solve such.

Family Therapy
This is an approach which is centered on gaining support from the patient’s family member on his/her journey towards recovery.

Motivational Interview
This interview method uses motivation and positive reinforcement to promote cessation of taking abusive substances.

In-house Treatment
The program requires the patient to stay at the rehabilitation center for a limited period lasting for 30-90 days on the average. During this time, the patient is treated both medically and psychologically to address his substance abuse/psychological problem.

Sober House Living
The program comprises of patients living together in a healthy communal environment. The program endorses a support system that is considered vital to the recovery of patients thereby, preventing the occurrence of a relapse.

Medical Intervention
This intends to resolve the underlying diseases that may contribute to the development of an addiction. This can be attributed to a lesion in the brain or any part of the body that may play a part in predisposing a person to abuse a substance or manifest a particular personality characteristic of a disease.

Due to the wide variety of rehabilitative options available, it is a good practice to seek professional advice to effectively address the issue on substance abuse.

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