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The Jersey Devil – Fact Or Myth?

If you have ever visited Jersey, there is a pretty big chance that you have heard about some of their creepy legends. Yup, we are talking about the Jersey Devil. Even the name gives you a bit of goosebumps, doesn’t it? Or is it just us? Apparently, this bad boy of a mythical creature has been out and about scaring the locals in Jersey for 260 years now. And guess what? Over 2,000 witnesses have even claimed of seeing this devil like creature!

What does legend say about it exactly? There are actually many versions of the story but a common story holds that there was once a woman named Mother Leeds. (Really, that was her name.) She was believed to be a witch and was pregnant to her 13th child. When she found out about it she even raised her hands to the heavens and wished for her last child to be the devil. Damn girl, why would you ask the heavens for a devil?

She gave birth on a dark and stormy night and it was all normal. The baby boy came out fine. Minutes after though, her wish for a devil came true—her baby started to change right before her eyes. He became this hideous monster with horns forming from the top of its head, claws coming out from its fingers, bat-wings sprouting at the back and feathers all over the body. Nasty looking beast! He started attacking his witch of a mother and eventually killed her and followed on to the rest of the people in the hospital. Poor nurses, eh?

For the years that followed, people have told tales about incidents where the Jersey Devil were sighted attacking or making a scene. Odd-looking footprints have been found in yards, sightings of bird like creatures in the streets and horrible attack stories! We hear so much stories about mythical creatures like this or the loch ness monster or the abominable snowman and it really makes you think. Are these stories real? Are these creatures even true or just some imaginative creation? Who knows!

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