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The Home Spa: Maintaining a Hot Massage Tub

One of the features of a luxurious home is a hot whirlpool tub with electronically-controlled water massage jets, where the most famous hot tub brand is Jacuzzi. Immersion in hot water is already a powerful stress-reliever; the addition of water jets make for a muscle-soothing experience.
The Home Spa: Maintaining a Hot Massage Tub
Anyone who owns such a tub should follow manual instructions for proper care and maintenance. But what if it does break down and no longer works properly? What should a hot tub owner do?

The first thing to remember is that only the tub’s manufacturer’s technicians should do the actual work on the machine’s electrical components. Under no circumstances should owners try opening and tinkering the tub’s parts, or whatever warranty the tub came with will be null and void. Not to mention that hot spa tub machinery and electronics aren’t exactly for commonplace handymen to fix.

Nevertheless, it helps to have a rough idea of what could be wrong with a malfunctioning hot spa tub, even before the technicians arrive to confirm it.

Basic Tub Structure
The second thing a hot spa tub owner needs to know is the basic structure of the machine. All hot spa tubs are divided into two main sections: the “wet” end, and the motor. Between these two sections is a gasket that keeps water from getting into the motor by accident.

All electronics are housed in the motor section of the tub. When powered up, the motor spins an impeller shaft within it, which is connected to and powers another impeller shaft in the wet section of the tub. It is this second impeller shaft which causes water to move through the pump from the pump’s suction side to the discharge side.

The pump’s suction and discharge sides have a connection that can fit into a “pump union.” The pump union allows these to be attached to a home’s plumbing system.

A Little DIY Repair
One particular source of problems is the pump unions. Only small rubber O-rings and a snug fit prevent water leakage from either the suction or discharge. If this kind of leakage occurs, sometimes a slight turn of a wrench at the unions will tighten the fit and stop the problem. Note to tub owners: do not over-tighten, or the union can crack and cause an even bigger leak.

Professional Repair
The tub will require professional repair when the pump, the motor, or the electronics do not work.

In many such cases, a certain part has become worn out and needs to be completely replaced rather than “fixed” or rewired. Pump replacement parts, impellers, and new seals should be part of what the tub manufacturer should have ready-to-order. If you prefer it due to budget constraints, some pump replacement parts can be bought from different suppliers.

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