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The Dynamic Influence of Google Online Marketing

Google has gained popularity over the years and people have come to realize that it has more to offer than just being a search engine. As a marketer, you can create and optimize your Google online marketing influence to bring forth your business into greater advancement. This is through the help of SEO, new online tools and new computing devices.
The Dynamic Influence of Google Online Marketing
Among Google’s great features specially catered for internet marketing are Google AdWords, Google’s Search-based Keyword Tool, Google Gadgets, Google Trends, and Google Analytics. You might have probably heard of and tried using any of these tools, but have not seriously considered utilizing their full features.

For instance, with Google AdWords, you can target specific keywords relevant to your business with the help of ads that you have created. When people search for these keywords on the internet, the ads will therefore appear on Google. When used correctly, this will boost your organic search traffic. You should note that this can be a very costly marketing channel, but if used smartly, can significantly boost your web influence.

Google continuously performs upgrades and updates to make the search engine experience as optimized as possible. Just last week, Google performed it 21st Panda update, which is projected to impact 1.1% of English queries. It’s relatively much smaller compared to previous Panda updates but nevertheless, it goes to show how Google is serious in doing algorithm changes to improve the user’s search engine experience.

Perfectly complementing Google’s features are these new tools crafted to make your online marketing efforts much more efficient and effective. IFTTT (If This Then That) is a great tool for non-techies that lets you send Google+ posts to Facebook and log your tweets to a Dropbox account. Other latest online tools that are worth using for your internet and social media activity are Tweet Reach, Screenr, Social Bakers, and, Storify, which compiles relevant content from web searches and social media sites for your perusal. These tools have different means but relatively have the same universal goal: to aid in your Google online marketing efforts, helping you out in some usual chores and thus making your work a lot easier.

With the help of today’s dynamic and innovative mobile technology, you have a wide range of means to gain more access to your internet marketing platforms whenever and wherever. New apps can be installed to help you keep up with the changing trends online, making monitoring easier because it is crucial to constantly keep yourself updated with your business. Hence, you should consider investing on new portable devices like tablets and mobile phones as well as on new internet marketing apps. There are mobile devices that are found to be very useful according to your online marketing needs and productivity requirements. These are Microsoft’s Surface, Apple’s iPad and Asus Transformer Infinity.

Microsoft’s Surface so far is the best tablet there is for your online business. Compared to Apple’s iPad and the Asus Transformer Infinity, Surface’s keyboard is much comfortable to use. It also supports a full USB port. More so, Surface provides a more professional and sophisticated interface. If you’re after the social media side of things, then Apple iPad has great features to suit that need. After all, it still is the best entertainment tablet in the market. Transformer on the other hand, is a strong Android tablet.

With all the great wonders and advantages of these new online tools and mobile devices, you must take into consideration that too many ads crowds a page and makes the exact content hard to recognize. Users want to get to the content right away without being slewed by too many ads. This should raise a concern for those adapting to the Google online marketing evolution. Or else, instead of gaining potential customers, your website will lose favorable Google ranking. Google’s constant updates are designed to make low-quality sites rank even lower, whilst boosting the quality sites to a higher rank in their search engine. This is now the new face of Google online marketing.

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