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The Disney Theory: Frozen – Tangled – The Little Mermaid

For every craze is a crazy fan that comes up with a theory about it. And we are pretty sure you have all heard some pretty crazy fan theories. One of our favorites being the Frozen-Tangled-Little Mermaid one. Haven’t heard of it yet? Well, brace yourselves, you will never look at these three movies the same way ever again.

We’ll break it down for you.

disney theory

The theory starts in Frozen. Remember that part in the movie where Anna goes around the castle while singing, “For The First Time In Forever.”? Then she bursts out of the doors to see the visitors for the coronation. If you watch a bit closely, you will find Rapunzel and Eugene within the crowd. (You can’t miss them with her distinct short hair and his well, we’re not really sure.)

So it brings us to the next part of the theory. Why were they there? Do you remember how Anna and Elsa’s parents died? In a shipwreck three years ago right? (Three years because in the movie it says “Three Years Later”) So where were they heading with their ship? Tada! To Germany to be part of Rapunzel and Eugene’s wedding!

Geographically speaking, it does make sense if you think about it. Because Tangled is set in Germany and Frozen in Norway so when Rapunzel and Eugene got married, they are sure to invite Anna’s parents.

The theory continues on by explaining that the boat must have sunk on its way back to Norway and it should pass through Denmark, which bring us to the last part of the theory.

Denmark happens to be where The Little Mermaid is set. And if you remember your Disney princess movies, you would remember that Ariel and his fish friends spent a lot of time looking for thingamabobs in some shipwreck, which, yup, you guessed it—could be the king and queen’s ship that must have sunk or crashed while on its way back home to Norway.

Woah! Pretty crazy huh? It really does connect and makes a lot of sense. Who knew Disney creators were such clever little things. Either that or they just have smart fans that come up with the craziest things!

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