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The Different Types of Sharks

Sharks, just like other species, are of different kinds. They come in many colors, sizes and forms, and not all have the same fish like image. Some have significant variations in their looks. Usually, when a person thinks of a shark, they usually imagine the vicious great white shark: big, intimidating and sharp! In fact there are over a hundred species of sharks living in our abundant seas. Each types of sharks are unique in their own way.
the different types of sharks
Here are the characteristics of some of the most common and interesting sharks you wouldn’t want to encounter while surfing in the sea:

Tiger Shark
Of all the types of sharks, the tiger sharks do not knowingly hunt humans for prey. But if they happen to be around and are causing any disturbance, they might as well have you for their meal. This shark gets its name from the distinguished pattern on its back. It may not exactly look like a tiger, but there are some similarities. Tiger sharks usually reach an average length of ten feet long though they have the tendency to reach over 20 feet. They have a unique sense of smell and hunt for live prey. They look big and menacing.

Great White Shark
This is the most dangerous species of sharks you wouldn’t ever want to come across. Great white sharks are types of sharks that are most vicious and can reach good lengths of up to 16 feet, and sometimes even longer. They weigh up to seven thousand pounds and are very intimidating in their appearance. Contrary to their name, the sharks are gray in color with a white belly. The most interesting fact about the great white sharks is their array of teeth. This species has more than three thousand sharp and menacing teeth that it uses to crush and tear its prey. It is rather easy to spot this shark as it usually swims to the surface. Its dorsal fin is normally seen above water, just as what you may have watched in several shark movies.

Hammerhead Shark
The hammerhead is an interesting looking shark with an unusual head that looks precisely like a hammer. Of the types of sharks that fascinate kids the most, this is one of them. The hammerheads grow up to 12 feet long and can reach a weight of a thousand pounds. Just like the great white sharks, this species also has a big dorsal fin that pops out as it reaches the water surface. Hammerhead sharks are ferocious predators that have a tendency to eat even other hammerheads if they please. Fortunately, they do not prefer the taste of humans.

Bull Shark
This species of sharks are not like the massive types of sharks you have previously learned of. Bull sharks are only about 7ft long and 200 pounds, but they are aggressive and are very hungry for humans. These are the sharks that tend to surface near shallow waters, near the shore, and are even known to live in fresh water.

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