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The Different Types of Hybrid Vehicles

Many people of today’s generation, and even the generations before, are fascinated with the different types of vehicles offered by car manufacturers. Whatever they may look like and no matter what the cost, people still continue to buy automobiles, some out of need while some collect them as a hobby. But certain types of vehicles are made for certain purposes. Some were designed to be fuel efficient while some provide better power at the expense of more fuel consumption. Fuel efficient cars are also known as hybrids, getting the best possible mileage. Hybrid cars are powered by both the electric motor and a gasoline engine. They are known to get the best mileage because they are one of these types of vehicles that burn less gasoline and fossil fuel in order to power it. The electric motor is the one that provides most of the power needed by the car.
the different types of hybrid vehicles
With the modernizing technology of today, the electric motor of a hybrid car has been redesigned to give assistance to the gasoline engine. Here are the ways in which this process is achieved.

An electric motor is used in hybrid cars in order to power the wheels so one could drive the vehicle. The gasoline engine is the one responsible for powering the generator to recharge the batteries or propel the vehicle. This is a hybrid system that has been relied upon by locomotives for more than 60 years already, assuring car owners that their vehicles will get the best possible fuel efficiency and mileage.

A parallel hybrid vehicle is one of the widely used types of vehicles. This one has both the electric motor and gas engine powering it, and both are connected to the car’s transmission. Both the gas engine and electric motor actually work hand in hand to provide power to the vehicle. Some examples of hybrid cars are the Accord, Honda Civic and Insight. All of these cars have very good mileage as well as higher miles per gallon compared to others. Take note that cars which have higher miles per gallon always gets the best mileage.

Last but definitely not the least, some hybrid types of vehicles are designed to have gas engines that can either be disconnected to recharge the car’s batteries or used to power the wheels. This is what you call the parallel/series hybrid vehicle. These cars use quite a different means of producing power but you almost always get the best mileage from these.

Remember that the cleaner the vehicle is, the better mileage it would have. If cars are less dependent on the gasoline engine, greenhouse gasses produced would be lesser too. And if your hybrid car has a more efficient engine design, than there would be a lot less emissions that are harmful to both humans and the environment. The technology for these cars still has a long way to go. We can never tell how these cars would be designed in the coming generations.

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