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The Different Kinds of Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid cars are among the many options when it comes to more environment-friendly vehicles. These cars can use both diesel and electricity in order to run. Unlike the traditional gas-powered vehicles, hybrid cars have better gas mileage and lesser emissions. They save on fuel and are more powerful compared to the traditional cars. These vehicles have been brought about by the clamor of consumers for better vehicles.
the different kinds of hybrid vehicles
There are different types of hybrid cars that are available in the market today. This means that consumers already have a wide variety of options when they are looking for that perfect hybrid car. Different car manufacturers already offer diverse types of hybrid cars for consumers, as well. Knowing the types of hybrid cars available for you is essential especially if you haven’t decided on the specific hybrid car model that you want to buy.

Series Hybrid Cars
This is among the most common types of hybrid cars. This vehicle starts up with its gasoline engine. Then, the electric motor will take over after a certain speed is reached. The gas engine does not actually help in powering up the vehicle, but is used in recharging the electric motor. An example is the Chevrolet Volt. It can travel up to 40 miles with its battery power. The car’s gas engine only helps in regenerating electricity for the batteries. This is considered a series hybrid design because the power output of the vehicle has to pass the electric motor.

Parallel Hybrid Car
This vehicle uses its gasoline engine to enhance the power and to turn on its transmission. The two motors in the car are used together in order to move the vehicle forward. Toyota’s Prius is an example of a parallel hybrid. This runs on electricity when used for short-distance driving. When you are already driving at high speeds, the vehicle will use its gasoline engine. A generator will also be utilized in recharging the batteries.

Full Hybrid Car
This kind of hybrid car uses the gasoline engine for acceleration and power. The electric motor, on the other hand, is used for propulsion. It can switch on either the gasoline engine or the electric motor for use. The Ford Mariner Hybrid was an example of this vehicle.

Pure Electric Car
This electric vehicle, like the Tesla Roadster, only feeds itself upon electrical power. This uses a battery pack in the car that’s lithium-ion and can run up to 244 miles through its battery. One needs to recharge the vehicle for three and a half hours with a high-power connector. The downside is that you cannot recharge the car while on the road and driving.

Plug-in Hybrid Car
This kind of car can drive with its batteries up to 15 miles. The gasoline engine will recharge the battery and drive the car. It can also be recharged by plugging it into an average socket. In fact, General Motor has announced that it will make this kind of vehicle as a newer version of its Saturn Vue.

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