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The Different Kinds of Bees

Bees play important roles in our environment. They help in pollination and also provide us with healthy and delicious honey. There are different types of bees throughout the world. They are really diverse and have different characteristics for every kind of bee. There are 25,000 recorded species of bees and not all of them can make us honey.
the different kinds of bees
Honeybee is probably among the most common types of bees. Most of us are familiar with this bee since they are responsible for making honey. They live in colonies and would usually act for the sake of the colony’s survival. A colony can have about 50,000 worker bees at any given time. There are different kinds of honeybees in the world. The European honeybee is most common and is bred by beekeepers for the purpose of harvesting high-quality honey. There is also a hybrid honeybee called killer bee or the Africanized bee.

The bumblebee is also from the same family as the honeybee, the Apidae. The bumblebee is among the pollinator types of bees. They are grouped into smaller colonies with only hundreds of worker bees. They also produce honey, but have a greenish and golden tint. They also do not produce as much honey as honeybees because of their small colonies.

The digger bees, unlike the first two types of bees, are solitary. These bees make their nests in the soil and raise their young there. They are not aggressive and will not sting unless they’re trapped. Their nests are often close to each other and the females collect pollens for their young. Digger bees have hairy bodies and can reach at least three centimeters long.

Mining bees are similar to digger bees. They are also solitary and create nests underground. They belong to the family of Andrenidae. There are different species of mining bees all over the world. The tunnels made by mining bees are oftentimes visible from the surface. However, they do not cause any problems to a garden and can be good pollinators.

Megachildae family is also another subcategory of bees. The mason and the leafcutter bees are from this family. The mason bees live in crevices of old mortars and other objects, while the leafcutters live in plant stems that are already hollow. Both of these bees are solitary. Only the females mate and rear the young. The males, on the other hand, only exist to mate.

The sweat bees are from the Halictidae family. They are attracted by the scent of perspiration. These are social bees that make their nests in wood or in the ground. Their colony and caste system is different from other social bees like bumblebees and honeybees.

Aside from these mentioned types of bees, there are still a whole lot of other bees existing in our planet. The plasterer bees are from the Colletidae family, which make their nests look like cellophanes. There are also other bee families, like Meganomiidae, Stenotritidae, Melittidae, and Dasypodaidae, which are rare bees and can be found mostly in Australia or Africa.

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