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The Computer-Related Careers Battle

In the today’s world, computer and systems related professions seem to sprout like mushrooms. And these opportunities mean hard work and good income. This stimulates students to take up computer courses and pursue these types of careers. One of the most in-demand occupations is being a network programmer. However, being a network programmer has always been compared to being a network administrator and is often confused with the latter. In the rivalry of network administrator vs programmer, let us first identify the specific job descriptions of each.
the computer-related careers battle
Every company has its own computer geniuses. They have network programmers who make all the technical, system-related tasks possible. They guard the company’s systems against potential invasion by hackers and are also tasked to do designing and server executions.

Degrees are important!
Of course, to become a network programmer, you have to obtain a degree first. The curriculum teach and impart lots of knowledge to help you become very proficient in your chosen field. Computer Science is the most common course which students take to become a network programmer. Again, network administrator vs programmer, what subjects are needed to become a programmer? Three of the most common are Networking, Algorithms and Data Structures and; Theories regarding Information and technology.

Classification of Jobs: Network Administrator vs Programmer
After finishing a degree, different job titles are offered in the field of networking. This includes being a Network Administrator, Network Engineer, Network Technician, Information System Manager, and Network Programmer. Let us compare a network administrator’s responsibilities versus that of a network programmer. Network administrators are responsible in putting up together the WANs and sometimes the LANs. The Network Programmers, however, provide network analysis and are also responsible for maintaining and observing technical issues. They also incorporate new technological features with the old ones.

Aside from these two professions, degree holders also have the option to pursue a career in other network-related jobs. Network engineers are somewhat similar to the job descriptions of a network administrator though they differ in some aspects. Network engineers are responsible for system upgrading, testing and monitoring and assessment of existing and proposed products. Network technicians provide fixing services for damaged or problematic systems, which can either be software or hardware-related. Information Systems Managers are responsible of not only leading and coaching their people for better performance, but also generating ideas for long-term visions.

In becoming a network programmer, one should not only know how to deal with technical issues and concerns, rather one should also have an in-depth apprehension of the theories and principles of their field. They should also be knowledgeable of the software and hardware structures. And of course, the motivation to progress up the corporate ladder and decisiveness should be possessed by the applicant. This type of job is in-demand and is actually a highly-paid profession. The more information, certifications, and expertise you have, the better. So who do you vote for in the battle of network administrator vs programmer?

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