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The Colorado Plateau Fights for Its Natural State

In a battle between national parks and natural resources, the legendary lands of the region known as Four Corners combat against those who wish to disturb its natural existence for a means of acquiring its natural resources.
The Colorado Plateau Fights for Its Natural State
The Colorado plateau consists of a wide range of earthly brilliance, with its Colorado River flowing through the Grand Canyon, speckled with forests among a wide expanse of dry desert highlands.

Arches made of hardened sand molded by wind, tall red masses of eroded history, and wind carved rocks stand tall showcasing their magnificent beauty landscaped by the trials of time and nature. These red high lands that portray the earth’s aging years in the layers of matured rocks have been vulnerable to the needs and demands of the country. These lands are not only rich in the timeless accumulation of wilderness but also tend to be a rich reserve of natural resources.

The Colorado plateau is found in one of the largest national parks of the US and comprises of four corner regions of the country, namely Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah.

There have been attempts to disturb this wondrous plateau to cultivate the lands for fuel and minarets, as well as for building a dam. The debate of whether or not to exhume the Colorado Plateau has been ongoing since the World War II era. There is a group willing to manipulate the monumental grounds and turn it to resourceful excavations. The terrain is a probable resource for oil, natural gas, minarets, and uranium.

Conversely, attempts to preserve and protect the Colorado plateau have also been steadfast along the way. It is not only a matter of preserving the nature made beauty but also a matter of protecting the fast decreasing number of wilderness around the world. The landscapes of America are fast disappearing; hence, the need to conserve whatever is left takes a high priority among all others.

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