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The Best Garage Floor Tile For You

If you check on all the parts of your home, oftentimes, you’d find that the most abused part of is the garage floor. This calls for an extensive change in your garage, starting with using a proper garage floor tile to have a safe and clean environment. Placing the right garage floor tile would help reduce the smell caused by fluids leaking out of the cars. Aside from the smell that it emits, it can also cause accidents since the fluids make the floor slippery. Slip accidents are very common incidents inside a garage.
the best garage floor tile for you
A garage floor tile comes in different styles nowadays. But the most popular is that of the PVC vinyl. This floor tile type lasts longer than the others because they are covered with plastic. Installing these tiles does not require professionals. You just have to peel off the paper backs and start sticking them to your garage floors. To ensure longer stability of the tiles, you should make sure that the floor is clean and dry before sticking your tiles. This means that you should already have cleaned and perfectly wiped off all the leftover oil. This type of garage floor tile is also designed to child-friendly, making it safe for children to play even during a rainy day. But before getting this kind of floor tile, you must be aware that this is a permanent flooring. Some people see this as a disadvantage. So if you think that you would like something that you can still use when you decide to move someplace else, then the rigid floor style would be a better choice.

A rigid floor tile is a garage floor tile that is composed of polypropylene materials, which makes it harder than those of the usual tiles. They come in two types: perforated or solid. One disadvantage of perforated tiles is the difficulty in cleaning the holes. But despite this, the holes actually keep the floor dry and safer since they act as the floor’s drainage system. Of course, without proper ventilation, the floor could develop molds. Proper maintenance and ventilation is required to keep it clean and safe.

The solid type of the rigid tile, however, are almost similar to that of the perforated one. The only difference is that the solid type does not have holes in it that allow liquid to drain through. The solid ones ensure more security when installed because of its interlocking sides. And when the manufacturing company adds a separate edging supply to be installed as well, you are assured of a complete and clean look.

There is also an interlocking flexible type of a garage floor tile that would most likely fit your homes. This type of tile allows you to stand and walk on them a little longer because they generally provide comfort.

There are also wood composite tiles that are efficient in keeping the floor dry and are thick in nature.

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