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The Benefits of Wrought Iron Railings

Home security has become a common concern with the rising cases of thefts and break-ins across America. Thieves have become smarter over the years, often coming equipped with a barrage of handy tools that can easily snap the cheap steel bars you use for your grilles or gates. So why not protect your home and family from notorious miscreants by purchasing a set of tougher wrought iron railings?
the benefits of wrought iron railings
To start off, wrought iron comprises a substantially lowered amount of carbon infused in an iron matrix, thus giving it excellent tensile strength properties. Crafted by placing molten steel in a cooler slag that enables the swift evaporation of gases at reduced temperatures, James Aston was the first man to discover wrought iron in 1925. Since then, wrought iron has been commercially utilized in railings, grilles, gates, railway couplings, handrails and even horseshoes.

Intricately designed wrought iron railings in particular, have gained popularity as more people favored a mixture of design and security for their homes. Unfortunately, the last wrought iron production plant in the US shut its doors in 1969 when the prices of lower-grade steel stooped low enough to provide a more economical solution for buyers. However, steel greatly lacks the strength and sturdiness associated with wrought iron railings, and therefore cannot withstand much stress.

Wrought iron by itself generally has several benefits that nullify the cheaper price of common steel such as:
-High tensile strength
-Low fracture risk
-High Malleability

Besides, wrought iron also boasts of a rough surface that permits the strong adherence of coatings compared to the smoother surface of steel. Also, the increased malleability capacity of wrought iron has made it favourable in the eyes of blacksmiths, who often use it for welding purposes. Steel on the other hand, is rigid, brittle and prone to rust.

With all the exemplary benefits laid out before you, why not purchase some wrought iron railings instead of steel ones the next time you visit Home Depot? Not only are wrought iron railings hardier and available in a myriad of wonderful designs, but it is also more worthwhile for the slightly higher price you might pay since it can virtually last a lifetime.

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