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The Basics of Vertical Sleeve Surgery

Sometimes, medical terms can get confusing especially for someone who does not have much knowledge on basic medicine. One may have been wondering if the terms can be interpreted literally. However, more often than not, what he thought is not what the term really means.
the basics of vertical sleeve surgery
For someone who has heard the medical term ‘vertical sleeve surgery’ for the first time would perhaps think what the word “sleeve” has to do with it. So basically, what does this medical procedure vertical sleeve surgery mean?

Vertical sleeve surgery is better defined as a medical procedure for those who want to experience intense weight loss by having 80% or more of their stomach removed permanently. This means that the stomach removal is not reversible. A small portion of the person’s original stomach is turned into a pouch that is only allowed to hold about half a cup of food every time he eats his meal. Individuals who are extremely obese and have a very hard time losing weight often resort to this kind of remedy since they are not qualified to undergo other means of shedding off their excess weight. Gastric sleeve surgery is another term for vertical sleeve surgery that is also commonly used.

Those who are seriously considering undergoing vertical sleeve surgery should consult a medical expert. Every detail that they want to know will be thoroughly discussed by the doctor. Of course, before the procedure is performed, there will be some series of evaluations done to ensure that the whole process will be successful.

This procedure is done in a hospital where the patient is administered with anesthesia. Too much scarring is not an issue with vertical sleeve surgery since this is usually performed laparoscopically. Hence, the end result is just minimal scarring. Depending on the doctor’s advice, the patient is discharged either a day after the surgery or as long as two weeks. A liquid diet is instructed within a few days after the surgery, then the patient can start to eat solid foods again bit by bit.

Extremely obese individuals are informed by their doctors that after the procedure, they should significantly change their usual eating habits. Drinking liquids is done separately from eating their food. They have to follow doctor’s instructions to the dot, which means only small food portions are allowed. This is to avoid the pouch from stretching, which can result to a sickly feeling in the stomach. The old eating habit is no longer permitted.

The good result of vertical sleeve surgery is that many patients are able to shred off as much as 60% of their excess weight two years after their surgery. Even those who have type II diabetes are able to control their conditions after losing excess weight.

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