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Telling Your Stories With Videos

Videos of compiled footage, photos, or even a simple slideshow during a celebration like anniversary parties, weddings, or birthdays are a great way to share memories of loved ones and families through the years.
telling your stories with videos
There are studios and production companies who offer their video editing services for a fixed price but luckily, most computers have programs installed which enable users to create their very own video collages.

These editing programs help users create personal videos where they can use video and audio files, as well as other forms of media like photos, illustrations, or text. It is easy to make your own video, you can even ask somebody else’s help for an extra eye. Here are some guidelines for making a video collage that you and your loved ones would enjoy watching.

Every video, whether short or long, should begin from a storyboard. This helps you visualize which order your photos will follow or perhaps what video would make a good introductory to the story you would like to share. The story is the most important factor to consider when making a video collage. Whether it is about someone growing up or two people’s love for one another, the storyboard will provide the framework which will enable you to execute your vision most accurately.

Time should also be factored into the production of a video collage. Whether the video takes hours or a few minutes, what matters is how much content goes into the time the video is playing. For a video presentation, four to eight minutes are enough. Think about how long videos will be on-screen, which makes it important to select the best photos. Three to four seconds each is enough time for a video to appear.

The music which will play in the background is also an important aspect as it will help set the mood. It invokes the emotional response of the viewers and will provide the overall feel of your story.

Study how to maximize your media content. You will most likely be making use of photos, videos, and audio files in the video collage so it is important to know how to use them using the different programs like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker.

Make use of the effects that are available in these programs. Effects give the video a nice transition from one photo to the next or one video clip to the next. They help make the video fun and interactive which is why it is important to moderate them. The effects help create the impact so it is good to consider the message and the overall mood.

The last part of making a video collage is how it will be shared. It can be produced in a DVD or you can play it directly from the PC. Just be sure to save it as the right video file (.wmv or .avi) and have a video player that is compatible with it.

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