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Teaching Your Yorkie Not to Bite

Yorkshire terriers are among the favorite household pet of both men and women due to their adorable looks and personality. They may be tiny but they are actually bigger in terms of courage, loyalty and attitude. Since they are tiny, some people think that it is cute when a Yorkie bites, but it is not actually. Thus it is imperative for every Yorkie parent to teach their pet how not to bite (at least not the good guys or the furniture).

Teaching Your Yorkie Not to Bite
For puppies that grew with their siblings, they may get over biting quickly since they will easily understand that biting another will not always lead to a good thing. However, if you have a solo Yorkie, it is your job to train them on how to behave properly yourself. Here are the things that you need to learn.

First things first, as cute as your pet is, and as much love as you have for them, they must not be treated too gently. They will only be learned when they are disciplined, but not so harsh as you will frighten them so much that they would want to bite you more. If your heart starts to melt, remember that allowing them to bite will only lead to aggression and dominance which is not always a good thing, especially if you have other people in the house.
Positive reinforcement is what works best for Yorkies, thus make sure to pet them or give them a reward whenever they behave properly. Scold them but don’t hurt them whenever they misbehave. If you feel that you do not have enough time and would only succumb to those puppy dog eyes, then it will be a good idea to enroll them in an obedience school.

Through an obedience class, the Yorkie will not only learn not to bite through the help of trainers that use the dog mother’s approach in discipline but also other good values when it comes to socializing. Yorkies will soon learn how to socialize with people, not to be shy with them and even play around with your friends.

If you want to train your Yorkie yourself, in terms of biting, make sure that you react negatively whenever they do bite. Keep that reaction consistent and soon they will be able to distinguish good and bad behavior based on your facial expression. Remember, training your dog is not done to punish it but in order to help them be more at ease with people and have good values.

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