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Take Care of Your Reproductive Health: Know When to See a Gynecologist

Gynecologists are not only needed during pregnancy or childbirth. Gynecologists are important for women even during the later years. Since their specialty is the female reproductive system, each woman should see a gynecologist in order to ensure that her reproductive organ is functioning properly and free from any diseases.

It is important to see a gynecologist once a you turn 18 years old or once you begin to be sexual active. The gynecologist will be there to educate you on your sexual health, perform preventive measures, and walk you through the different conditions and viruses that are contracted through sexual contact.

When to See a Gynecologist

see a gynecologist

They say that the middle of your menstrual cycle is the ideal time for you to visit your gynecologist. This means that you should schedule your visit two weeks before or after your period. Some women experience irregular menstrual cycles and if this happens it is best to let the doctor know so he can assess the best time to do regular consultations.

Any unusual pain that you feel in your genital area or internal reproductive area is enough reason to see a gynecologist. Pain, especially if unusual, should never be ignored. When always bleed after intercourse, you should definitely see a gynecologist as it is very unnatural for this sort of thing to happen.

Missed periods are another valid reason to see a gynecologist. Of course, the biggest reason that may cause this is pregnancy; sometimes even stress or menopause. Usually, you would be recommended to take a pregnancy test if you miss your monthly period.

Mid-cycle spotting is something that occurs for a while when you start taking oral contraception but if this persists, you should immediately see a gynecologist.

When you become pregnant, you should see an obstetrician gynecologist (OBGYN). An obstetrician is the one who administers monthly tests and ultrasounds which are essential for pre-natal health.

What are some important things you should remember when visiting a gynecologist?

You should have an empty bladder. This is because some examinations, which are performed manually by the doctor, involve having to check the genital area which is very close to the bladder.

Douching is not advisable before an exam or check up. In fact, some physicians discourage women from performing this because of the body’s natural ability to cleanse itself. And with all the man-made products and chemicals, the natural order may be distorted. It is best to consult with the gynecologist and seek his opinion about douching.

Sexual intercourse should not be done a day before the exam. It can affect the laboratory results if a gynecologist decides to perform tests. Abstaining from sexual intercourse 24 hours before any exam will yield more accurate results.

A gynecologist is there to ensure your reproductive health is taken care of. See a gynecologist now to make sure you are at the top of your reproductive health.

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