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What is Marketing in the Internet?

what is marketing in the internet

Most people scratch their heads in confusion when the term marketing internet is mentioned. More commonly dubbed as e-marketing or online-marketing, the marketing internet basically refers to the amalgamation of sale and purchase of online products and services. With more …

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4 Tips for Effective Marketing Communication

marketing communication

Marketing communication is an essential tool in ensuring smooth interaction between marketers and clients. Even the subtlest facial expression or wrongly phrased word can send an entire business proposal flushing down the drain, which will cripple potential business ventures. Thus, …

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Marketing Your Fashion Show

marketing your fashion show

A fashion show is a cool and artistic way for a designer to gain exposure and make a name for himself. Lots of advance planning and hard work have to made by the team in order to ensure the success …

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What is Marketing Intelligence?

marketing intelligence

Various sources over the internet have deemed marketing intelligence and marketing research as two mutually interchangeable terms in the business world. Although both marketing arenas intersect at certain business aspects, they do not necessarily share the same pool. Marketing intelligence …

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An Insight into Marketing Audit

marketing audit

Marketing audit is an approach by which the preparation, implementation, prospects and status of the marketing plans of an organization are appraised. If an audit is improperly conducted, then it can be very time-consuming and may harm the long-term prospects …

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