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Why Written Communication Skills are Important

why written communication skills are important

Good written communications skills are important. This is very useful for those who are in the marketing industry, especially when written pieces will either make or break your business. This skill is even more important with the dawn of the …

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How to Enhance Verbal Communication

how to enhance verbal communication

Speaking, especially when done in public, is one of the most important skills a person learns. It enables one to communicate well and that is very important when dealing with people.
how to enhance verbal communication
Developing verbal communication skills is a good way to …

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How to Improve Your Written Communication Skills

how to improve your written communication skills

Having good writing skills is essential for job seekers and even in our everyday lives. This gives us an edge over other people and are tremendously helpful in writing letters and reports. Like any other skill, written communication skills can …

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Communication Exercises to Polish Your Skills

communication exercises to polish your skills

Many people are struggling with their communication skills. Although there are some who are gifted with a silver tongue, there are others who are not that confident and calm when it comes to expressing themselves through spoken words, especially when …

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Helpful Communication Tools for You

helpful communication tools for you

There are many different types of communication tools that people, especially those in the corporate world, can use. These tools can be used for both nonverbal and verbal communication. There are tools that can be used to interpret and provide …

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What it Means to Communicate Effectively

what it means to communicate effectively

What is effective communication? There may be times where we find ourselves having trouble making others understand what we are trying to express. Sometimes, misunderstandings arise even though you think you spoke effectively. Perhaps they did not catch the meaning …

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Barriers in Communication

barriers in communication

There are times when a loved one needs a comforting presence or when a friend needs someone who’s there for them. Know that you can help them. There are times when they’ll tell you about their fears and feelings… times

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4 Tips for Effective Marketing Communication

marketing communication

Marketing communication is an essential tool in ensuring smooth interaction between marketers and clients. Even the subtlest facial expression or wrongly phrased word can send an entire business proposal flushing down the drain, which will cripple potential business ventures. Thus, …

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