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Sushi Etiquette you Need to Know

Eating sushi can be a delightful and a learning experience. With every bite of nigiri or sashimi, you get to grasp an idea of how rich Japanese culture is. With every uniquely formed sushi, you get to see how Japanese pay attention to details and how they respect their culture. With that being said, it is then important to know sushi etiquette when you walk into a sushi bar.

sushi etiquette you need to know


#1: Eat your sushi before the miso soup.

We know that soups are served first before any dish as an appetizer especially in the Western World. It is a rule that most restaurants follow. But in Japan, eating sushi before the miso soup is how they do it as miso soup does not serve as an appetizer. Instead, it is meant to help settle the eaten sushi.

#2: Order sushi and sushi only when you’re at the sushi bar.

Sushi experts say that sushi bar is meant for sushi only. This is why it’s called a “sushi” bar. If you want to order something else like maybe tempura or karaage, then you can do that when you’re on a regular table. In this way, you could show respect to the sushi chef.

#3: Avoid rubbing your chopsticks together.

Many of us are guilty with this. Let’s admit it. But did you know rubbing your chopsticks together is considered a no-no? Hamasaku executive chef Yoya Takahashi says, “It’s very, very bad manners. It’s like if you rub your knife and fork together. Not good.”

So the next time you crave for sushi, remember to observe these sushi etiquette then of course – enjoy!

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