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“Survivor” FAQs

“Survivor” is just one of the many reality game shows that people all over the world are obsessed with nowadays. This has been produced in different countries around the planet. In this TV series, the contestants are brought and are isolated in the wilderness and battle for the ultimate prize – 1 million dollars.
“Survivor” FAQs
People hooked up to the show have common questions about what is really happening in “Survivor.” Here are some tidbits about the show that its famous host, Jeff Probst shares:

1. In what sense is the show “real”?
Everything is real. However, certain parts of the production are not intended to be viewed by the fans. This includes the hundreds or even thousands of hours taped to get a good footage for all their episodes. The show needs to condense this into 13 episodes.

2. Why does the show choose actors or models for their casting?
The show normally receives thousands of applications but don’t always receive good quality applicants. It does not necessarily mean that the producers prefer actors or models, it’s just that these people are usually the ones who have unique personalities fit for the show. But these individuals still go through another selection process.

3. Can the cast bring and have anything they want?
No, the contestants are not allowed to do so. They can bring their stuff and clothes to the location but the producers are the ones who select which items they can bring to the camp. The producers must also ensure that the contestants’ clothes colors are camera friendly.

4. What do the cast do the entire day?
The contestants are normally separated from the entire group to have their confessional interviews. The TV contestant physicals are also tested during their challenges which are done “two out of every three days.” Other than that, the cast can entertain themselves – make strategies, look for food, sit or just talk with each other.

5. Are the contestants given a chance to be alone?
The contestants are not allowed to do so. The producers, crew and cameramen stay at their location 24-7. This is to ensure that we will not miss any footage. Likewise, this is also intended to ensure that everyone is safe in the place.

6. Do the contestants have access to personal hygiene stuff?
The cast have the right to use some supplies such as sunscreen, insect repellant, feminine products, medications and the likes. But contestants are not allowed to get toothbrushes, razors, etc.

7. If the contestants get injured, how are they treated?
As soon as medical problems arise, the producers can call the help of medics. All contestants must be checked individually by the medics before and after any challenges.

8. Do the cast members get as much information as we get from the TV?
Contestants get the information as much as we do. They are given a chance to ask questions about challenges and other aspects of the game.

9. Once voted out, where do these contestants go?
These cast members go to Ponderosa.

So there you have it. You’re lucky if you are a Survivor fan as the show’s popularity is still as high as the sky and is seen to last for many more seasons.

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