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Surviving a DUI

Drinking and driving are the two things most people will not recommend you do but in cases like a drunken night out with friends or attending an event with free booze, it’s hard not to take this piece of advice. In fact many drinkers are very proud of being able to take control of the wheel even though they have had a drink or two or even three. Though it may be true that many people can be in control of their driving while intoxicated, there is still a huge chance of meeting an accident or worse, getting caught by the cops for driving under the influence (DUI).
Surviving a DUI
Getting arrested for DUI is pretty serious considering you may lose your license. However there is always a way to avoid getting your license taken away and coming out of the situation without being convicted of any crimes. Here is a simple guide on what to do when you’re arrested for a DUI and who knows, you may be let go and allowed to drive again!

The first thing you need to know about getting accused for DUI is that an officer must have a reason for suspicion. You must have committed a traffic violation for an officer to stop you. He must also be able to articulate this reason meaning if he just had a feeling that you could have been under the influence, then that is not strong enough. If you are ever arrested for DUI, try questioning the traffic stop and see whether or not it is a good enough basis to convict you of DUI.

If for instance, the officer has already pulled you over, the best thing to do is respect his authority and stop the car. Delaying this may cause more reason for him to assume that you might be driving intoxicated. Usually, when cops talk to drivers, they are trained to smell their breath and observe the way you talk and move. This is what makes them decide to put you through a field sobriety test and what most people do not know is that this is only voluntary. You can simply say that you do not contest to a field sobriety test but this is not applicable in all states. Also, it could make you more suspicious in the jury’s eyes so think about this very well if you plan on refusing the sobriety test.

If you found yourself already arrested for a DUI, there is still hope. You can always resort to a plea bargain so that you can be charged with a lesser offense, however you would have to plead guilty. If you have a good defense, then that could work too. In cases like these, the only thing left to do is hire an attorney because you wil definitely bel needing legal aid.

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