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Superfoods to Be Super Healthy

Many people are now into the diet program called “superfood diet”. Some say that it is a form of diet that is strictly composed of healthy elements. Some says its main purpose is for losing weight. But let us ask ourselves, what is a superfood?
superfoods to be super healthy
Answering the question “what is a superfood” is quite easy. A superfood is said to be a form of diet involving plenty of phytochemicals, which are responsible for producing properties that are disease fighting. This chemical has the capability of reducing risks of cancer and inflammation, and also strengthens your immune system. It is then said that when certain foods have high phytochemicals level, they do not only taste good but are also highly nutritional and beneficial to the body.

We now know what is a superfood. Now, let us try to learn more about its kinds and contents. There are many types of superfoods and most of them belong to the fruits and vegetables category, or what we learned in kinder as “glow” foods. But unexpectedly, there are other superfoods out there that may appear as a not-so-nutritious food at first. One example is cocoa. Cocoa is considered a superfood because of its being rich in flavinoids, which are one of the antioxidants our body needs. Of course, you will not dare eat raw cocoa but it would be delicious once you eat your chocolate bar or drink your hot chocolate.

Other than cocoa, take note that fruits are one of the most common and best sources of superfoods. Fruits such as red grapes, mangos, cranberries, watermelons, tomato, papaya, and blueberries are jam-packed with vitamins and nutrients as well as that of the phytochemicals. Tomatoes are known to be rich in lycopene which is not only good for the heart but are also able to reduce risks of prostate cancer. They are also rich in beta carotene and vitamin C, which promote both greater mental alertness and reduces the risk of developing some types of cancer.

Fruits are sometimes termed as superfruits because they contain high levels of phytochemicals. Sometimes in advertising, to promote the natural powers of fruits, they use the word super so that it would appear better than that of the ordinary fruit. This does not solely answer the question “what is a superfood?” because it is just one of the members of this food group.

Another one that comprises the “superfood” category are the vegetables. There are a lot of vegetables that contain high amounts of phytochemicals, especially in green leafy vegetables. Aside from fruits and vegetables, grains and some food additives are also part of this food group. Food such as beans, and quinoa are good examples. Honey, garlic and aloe vera have probiotic properties and thus are also considered superfoods.

Take note that fruits and vegetables are extremely rich in fiber but you must remember to also eat foods that do not belong to the superfood category such as white meat and eggs. Make sure to have a well-balanced diet to have a stronger and healthier body.

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