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Superbowl 50: Were You Not Entertained?

Superbowl 50 was the most talked about event even after the big day. But where did the football go? Social Media made the halftime performance shine over the supposedly main event: the football game.

Coldplay was the opening act of the halftime show starting with “Yellow” and other Chris Martin singles paired with a marching band and violins. Bruno Mars’ smash hit Uptown Funk ruled the stadium next. Beyoncé then followed with a choreography promoting her new single “Formation.” Mars and Beyoncé danced off and the show ended with a Glee-like finale performance with Martin sliding back in. This generated thousands of tweets per minute. Even days after, arguments about who shined the most among the performers continue to come out.

Some say Beyonce stole the show by bringing “Formation” and back-up dancer outfits suggesting a tribute to the Black Lives Matter Movement, which advocates fight against police brutality.

But criticisms were not avoided.


Beyonce used her platform to attack the police, Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani accused. With the colorful rainbow set-up, on the other hand, it reached out a message of “gay propaganda” to some viewers. What they did not know is the fact that “A Head Full of Dreams,” Coldplay’s new album, comes with a cover art with rainbow-colored kaleidoscopic design. In addition, their video “Hymn for a Weekend” involves a rainbow-splattered effect from incorporating Holi colors. So what is wrong with that, everyone?

Each of us has our own beliefs we would like to fight for. Maybe there was really an intention of promoting black women empowerment, or even homosexuality messages. Or maybe there was none. Who knows? Let’s just respect how the performers did their job. And why not acknowledge instead the fact that a football game is also a remarkable event worth remembering? Were you not entertained?

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