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Summer Acting Camps – Learning and Self-Discovery

Parents can let their teens or preteens discover and learn about themselves more by encouraging them join summer acting camps. This can give them the chance to discover their talents and creativity. They can learn things such as stage design, language and diction, script analysis, stage design, sound and lighting, and a lot more about performing arts.
 Summer Acting Camps – Learning and Self-Discovery
The kids have the opportunity to learn a lot from the summer camp programs. They are taught to learn and internalize different characters, letting them inculcate in themselves the physical and physiological attributes of the said characters. They are instructed how they are going to deliver and perform accordingly.

Creative writing is also taught in the summer camps. The kids are taught on how to establish a plot, letting their creativity flow, making them imagine how the story will evolve until it reaches its climax and end. This can help them imagine how each of the characters are involved in the story. It can also immerse the kids to an unforgettable learning experience as they become actresses and film makers.

As the kids start to learn about different things from acting, to script writing and analysis, and stage management, they are also taught how to direct. This can make them further understand the function, skills, and responsibilities of a director. Understanding and knowing what a director does can help the kids understand what an actor or does to be able to perform his best. Thus, this can also make the kids become the best actors or actresses.

There are even summer camps that enable the kids to understand the different technologies used in film making. They can check the different cameras being used such as a video camera, a digital camera and a 16mm camera. They can also gain a better understanding on the lighting effects – how to setup the day and night lighting and how to mix the artificial light with the natural ones. They also get a chance to check how many cameras are needed for a particular scene, how many crews are needed to assist for a shoot and how many or what kind of microphones and sound equipment are needed. This can make them appreciate the total production and film making process, letting them experience how tedious and detail-oriented the work can be.

Parents should let their kids participate in summer camps. This is to give their kids a chance to grow and discover themselves. It can help their kids gain more knowledge and build their self-esteem and confidence. It can also prepare their kids for possible future career in acting and/or film making and producing.

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