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Stay Safe With a Motion Sensor Night Light

Are you looking for a better way for your family to stay safe at night? Then you might want to consider using a motion sensor night light.
stay safe with a motion sensor night light
What is a motion sensor night light? It is a light which can turn on when it senses movement from a human or animal. It is able to detect changes in temperature which comes from body heat. Since every human being and animal gives off heat, it can detect even the slightest movement of any warm-blooded living thing during the darkest hours.

Motion sensor night lights are a great way to catch intruders or unwanted visitors at night. This is because there is no warning or sign of them switching on, thus, it allows you to catch someone off guard (a good way to discourage trespassers from sticking around). This causes any intruders to retreat immediately because of the shock and surprise it creates. It may also be useful if you are coming home late at night and it is pitch black – the light will automatically switch on allowing you to see your area completely. These lights may be used for indoor as well as outdoor lighting (i.e., the garden and backyard).

Motion sensor night lights have motion sensors and there are two types: active and passive sensors.

Active sensors use sound waves to determine whether there is a presence in the area. These types of sensors are found in gadgets that are usually placed in a doorway or entry of large buildings. On one side of a door or entry, there is an optical detector which activates an alarm when a movement crosses its sensor and breaks through the optical detector.

Passive sensors are those which use temperature to indicate a presence within a certain targeted range. They automatically switch on once it senses body heat. The light blinks or stays on for 30 seconds until 10 minutes. These are good for outdoor use.
Any type of sensor may use LED or incandescent motion sensors which are both inexpensive.

Here are some benefits of having motion sensor night lights:
· It is great for those with isolated garages that do not have any electricity or are in secluded areas which may not be safe.
· When the lights are turned on, it alerts not only you but your neighbors as well. They may also give the impression that there is someone at home.
· They do not eat up too much electricity since they are not switched on for very long periods of time.
· By automatically switching on, this discourages intruders or unwanted visitors to linger around the area

These lights work like guardians who sort of keep an eye on your house while you are asleep. They are silent and they work only when a presence is detected. Once these lights brighten up, it then scares away intruders and unwelcome visitors.

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