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Start your Top 5 Bucket List items today

What’s included in your Top 5 bucket list items? If you don’t have anything listed yet, then why not grab a pen and paper and start writing down the list that will change your life?

A bucket list may include just about anything you’ve been wanting to try before you die. A quote from an anonymous source says, “Beware the barenness of a busy life.” For once, don’t let each day pass by without experiencing the richness of life. But you don’t know what to include in the list, you say? Let’s break it down into categories so you can complete your Top 5 bucket list items today.

Bucket List Item #5: Adventures

Outside your home, you can explore places you’ve never been to before. You can go around the world, meet new people, and enjoy every ambience you can have. But before that, you can read travel recommendations or packing item checklists so you can be ready.


Bucket List Item #4: Connection and Relationships

Tell the people you love how much they mean to you. Or you can even donate and volunteer for those who need them. Little acts of kindness can also be one great idea.


Bucket List Item #3: Pursuing Your Passion

Do what you love the most and enjoy every moment you spend with the things that make your heart pound faster and your eyes will surely smile as you do them.


Bucket List Item #2: Sports and Fitness

Learn how to fish, play football, or just jog around the park for an hour or two. You can also achieve your ideal weight if you want to.


Bucket List Item #1: Do Something Scary!

And for our No. 1 spot, you can do the things that scare you the most. It may sound crazy but you’ll be surprised how it can change your life and make you feel more alive. Bungee jump, climb a mountain, ride a rollercoaster, or even sing in front of a crowd! And the list can go on and on and on.


Categories to include in your Top 5 bucket list items are not limited to these five since what each of us want is subjective.

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