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SpaceX Falcon Heavy

Start saving some cash and you might become a passenger of SpaceX Falcon Heavy and travel to – well, to space! No seriously, start saving, cause for average people like us, it might just take – I don’t know, maybe more than 60 years to actually save some cash for that trip.

But let’s not get too excited about that, since SpaceX Falcon Heavy is still taking some time to wrap up before its launch, which is expected to be around April or May 2016, according to sources. The launch purpose is to demonstrate a mission without any paying customer. And prior to the failure of the SpaceX CRS-7 launch on June 2015, SpaceX plans to carry out the inaugural SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch by the end of the year.

The SpaceX Falcon Heavy design consists of the standard Falcon 9 with additionally 2 more first stages, to act as liquid strap-on boosters. It is said to be more capable than any other operational rocket.

If deemed successful on its launch, SpaceX Falcon Heavy will be the most powerful operational rocket in the world. It holds the ability to lift into orbit over 53 metric tons, designed from the outset to carry humans to space and redeem the possibility of launching crew missions to the Moon or Mars.

SpaceX announced in 2012 that Intelsat, an intergovernmental consortium that owns and manages communication satellites that provides international broadcast services, is SpaceX Falcon Heavy’s first signed commercial contract for a flight. This agreement will have the Falcon Heavy delivering satellites to the geostationary transfer orbit (GTO).

Space nerds out there were thrilled when SpaceX released a flight animation video that would define how the launch would actually take place.

But let’s be reminded that these launches are tested before it could actually be a successful transport towards space. Either way, if ever SpaceX Falcon Heavy really makes it through – we would be needing tons of cash.

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