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Sources of Renewable Energy

They say that our future relies on renewable sources of energy. With the growing demand for energy and electricity, renewable resources indeed play a crucial role in sustainability. There are various kinds of renewable resources examples, and here are some of them.
sources of renewable energy
Solar Energy
As its name implies, solar energy is renewable energy that comes form the sun in the form of light and heat. Like some renewable resources examples, it does not emit pollutants and generally does not harm the environment.

Wind Energy
Wind energy is renewable kinetic energy that comes from the moving air on the Earth’s surface. Because this movement comes from the sun’s heat, wind will remain to be present for as long as there is the sun. Wind turbines turn wind into usable energy, and this is how wind energy is generated. Like solar energy, wind energy does not emit pollutants. However, the design of wind turbines poses a threat to the lives of flying animals such as birds and bats.

Geothermal Energy
Geothermal energy is renewable energy that comes from the heat of the Earth. These are generated through geothermal reservoirs and residential heat pumps. Geothermal heat are often used in agriculture, commercial establishments, factories, and roads.

Hydropower is renewable energy that comes from the rapid movement of water. Currently, it is the biggest source of renewable energy for electricity in the United States. Water as a source of energy dates back to history with the invention of paddle wheels for grinding grain. Today, the number of hydroelectric power plants continues to grow. These hydroelectric power plants are capable of transmitting electricity to distant areas.

Biomass Energy
Biomass energy is renewable energy that comes from renewable resources found in agriculture. Traditionally, energy is generated from non-renewable resources such as fossil fuels. The technology behind this can now be applied to biomass resources such as algae, agricultural byproducts, food crops, forestry byproducts, trees, and even landfill fumes.

Indeed, the increasing demand for energy and electricity poses a grave threat to our planet’s sustainability. As such, exploring these renewable resources examples has been an important agenda for the government and scientific institutions.

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