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Something to Consider After Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery results in a whole new body. But is this new body what the people want? Weight loss surgery will result in one sure thing: excess fat and loose skin, especially for the patients who were obese. It is only natural since the large amounts of fat that is removed under the skin will result in sagging.
Something to Consider After Weight Loss Surgery
Depending on which area of the body the fat was removed, there will be excess skin that may not be removed through exercise or diet. For instance, loose skin in the neck area is notorious. It is called a neck waddle because all that excess skin shrivels up and appears like wrinkles. Though it does not happen to all patients who undergo weight loss surgery, it is one of the most obvious results from the surgery that most people will have noticed immediately.

To remove a neck waddle, one must undergo plastic surgery after weight loss treatment. Just like a full facelift procedure, an incision is made in order to pull the skin back. Usually, the incisions are made behind the ear and the skin is pulled upward or backward for it to look tighter. This gives back the normal figure of the neck. The procedure is commonly referred to as a neck-jowl lift or simply a neck lift.

The results would depend on how much skin is loosely hanging. To be able to achieve a well defined neck, one should have a chiseled neck to begin with. Usually though, a perfectly sharp neck angle is impossible to achieve because first, the skin may have lost some of its elasticity and second, only so much skin can be pulled back. But this is more common among those who are obese and had surgery compared to those who were just overweight. However, neck lifts are almost always effective and patients who undergo this kind of treatment always get the desired results.

What makes neck lifts effective is that the skin in the neck area is numb, which causes minimal discomfort after the procedure. There is not much swelling and bruising too, which is what makes it a common option after a weight loss procedure has been performed. The concern of most patients after a neck lift has more to do with the appearance rather than the recovery as they are more concerned with how it looks. Usually, they can go back to their usual day to day activities.

Anyone concerned with a neck waddle might want to consider a neck lift in order to remove the excess skin that hangs loosely from the neck. It is a relatively safe and effective procedure that ensures desirable aesthetic results after a weight loss surgery has been performed.

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