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Some Great Tips on Planning Out Your College Life

When one reaches the second half of senior year, college planning usually comes to an end. By that time, one is expected to have filled out application forms, apply for various scholarship programs and is just passing time until the agony ends and the results come in. When the results come in, it would then be time to make a choice on where to go to, and then one’s fate for four years is sealed.
Some Great Tips on Planning Out Your College Life
For high school juniors though, college planning is just beginning. At the strike of January, students would be all over the place reviewing, taking their PSATs and touring colleges to decide where to go to. Some may not know it or doesn’t give a thought about it, but the second semester of junior year is the crucial time for the college planning. Here are some tips to help you through this momentous stage:

Take a Prep Test
At this year, it will be time to take an SAT and ACT. Whatever your grade is will determine how many college options you will get. This is the most crucial exam in a student’s life, for a highschooler that is. It is then important to prepare for it. Take a preparatory test, review with friends to make you prepared. You don’t have to spend a huge chunk of money; you can just do the tests you can find on Google.

Set a Schedule
The next few months will take up your whole calendar, from taking interviews, setting college visits, talking with school counselors and all that stuff. Make a note of what needs to be done and when so that you can keep track of your progress and not miss out on a single thing. Consult those who have gone to college to know what other things you might need to do.

Study Harder
Colleges would be very interested in your grades this semester. It will be the last thing they evaluate along with your college applications, so it is important that your grade is as spectacular as your essay. Work hard to get good grades. If you need to make changes in schedule, make it sooner, not later.

Sign up for extracurricular activities
Many colleges prefer their students well-rounded, one who just does not only get an A+ but also performs well outside academics. Find something you are interested at, whether it be volunteering or joining a sport. This might lead to a scholarship too.

Choosing a college
Before you consider money, do a self-reflection of what school you want to go to and why. The college you choose will be your home for four or five years and must fit your academic and personal needs.

Visit Colleges
Go on tours to fill the vibes of the school. It will give you an idea of what your college life will be like.

College planning can be stressful so start as early as you can and save yourself from the trouble.

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