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Solar Energy Fun Facts

Kids of this generation have become more and more interested and curious about everything. Some are fascinated with the universe and space while others love exploring the natural environment. One of the most popular topics that kids love learning about is the sun and the energy it brings. Solar energy facts for kids have been one of the the favorites. Especially nowadays, global warming seems to be very evident, making scientists believe that we should take care of our present sources of energy. Despite the fact that solar energy facts for kids may be found in the different science magazines, it is equally important for us to talk about this trending topic.
solar energy fun facts
Let us start from the very beginning. The solar system is composed of several planets. It’s said that all planets, even before life was discovered, were all very hot and took a very long time to cool down. Amoeba and other single celled living organisms evolved into multi-celled organisms known to us as mammals, plants and reptiles. Of course, after millions of years, human beings have been the dominant species and have regulated the existence of all other living things. Many living things have gone to extinction but as the human population increased, there has been an even greater need for energy. At this point, humans have begun to look for energy sources and discovered oil. Because of this, the world has changed and it welcomed new technological advancements. But it’s not always good news. Burning of oil produces many risky residue that pose danger to our health. As greater scope of problems are encountered, the more it has become a serious issue. This is when people started to look for more energy sources that are environment-friendly and clean. Here comes the use of solar energy.

But what is solar energy? Solar energy is defined as the energy coming from the sun. Below are some fun solar energy facts for kids.

-Solar energy as a renewable source. It still exists even at night!
-Environment-friendly. Solar energy does not produce carbon dioxide or other dirt emissions.
-Very useful. Used in heaters, powering cars, drying the clothes, powering fans, name it. Solar energy can provide it.
-Expensive. Some products made from this type of energy are usually expensive.
-Installed products. Having these products would mean lesser expenses.
-Business venture. If you were able to make a very good solar energy system, there is a probability that companies will purchase your invention. Now that’s a good inspiration for kids to study well and do good in school.
-Energy for life. With solar energy as your primary source of energy, you don’t need any other.
-Easy to operate. You don’t have to connect the solar panels to gas or power grids.
-Easy set-up. Remote areas can also benefit from easy solar energy set-ups.
-Slower speed. Cars with solar energy provides slower speed. Talk about safety.
-Minor repairs. This means longer life and lesser maintenance.

Indeed, caring for the environment is made more interesting with these solar energy facts for kids.

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