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So You Want To Be A Face Model?

Deciding to become a face model for magazines can be a very flattering career. The demands for models to market beauty care essentials in ad campaigns and magazines is significantly high. Imagine yourself on the pages of a magazine, cool isn’t it? Face modeling may not require you to have that runway model body figure. But it’s a must that you have the looks of a model, great hair, beautiful skin, and a set of good-looking teeth. Having a picture perfect face is not enough; personality counts too if you seriously want to make a mark in this very competitive field.
so you want to be a face model
You probably watched many reality shows on model search; you’ve seen various personalities being projected. You’d admire some, while you’d find others too bitchy. In the modeling world, you are likely to encounter a lot of these personalities. How far you will go in face modeling will depend on your attitude. So, evaluate yourself carefully because having a pleasant personality, patience and fortitude will help you in this frenzied industry. You will be working with a lot of people, so it’s best that you know how important it is to be thoroughly prepared.

Of course, the first and foremost thing you should do is to create a composite. Have a series of headshots and some full-body images taken by a professional photographer and save the images in JPEG format. Show the photographer some samples of face modeling photos so he can get an idea. Next, with the help of your family and friends, choose at least five of the best shots that you have which show every angle of your facial profile. The largest one should be your most flattering photo. Layout these images in an 8.5 by 11 inch landscape document using a computer software. Include your information – name, age, height, weight, and contact number – in a textbox within the layout page. Also, put in your agency’s information if applicable.

Put all your enlarged prints into a plastic binder for you to have a presentation portfolio. Your prints should have all types of lighting. Potential face modeling clients and agents will always ask for your portfolio. Always update everything. If you have appeared on magazines or other publications, include those in your portfolio to make it more impressive.

It pays to be careful and smart when looking for an agent. Do yourself a favor and make a research. You don’t want to have a face modeling job that will put you in a sticky situation. Search for reputable and certified agents, there are potential agencies that manage the top face models in the industry. Be wary if agents ask you to pay for certain fees. Note that they only get paid once you have landed a modeling job, which is a portion of your earnings.

It takes a lot of guts to be in the face modeling business; behind its glamour is the reality of many rejections. Along the way, you will know whether this is really a career for you to pursue – in the long term.

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