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Sleeve Gastrectomy May Change Your Life

Individuals who are suffering from obesity or consistently gaining weight have other options to deal with their problems. Other than regular exercise and healthy food intake, they can now undergo gastric sleeve surgery to better address their needs in terms of weight management.
Sleeve Gastrectomy May Change Your Life
Sleeve gastrectomy is intended to help patients work on their weight loss. During the operation, a huge part of the stomach will be removed, making it 25% smaller than its original size. This surgery is effective based on the different studies done by researchers. Patients were observed to have a decrease in their food intake since they would feel full quickly even after small meals.

It is important to understand all the details about the operation before one proceeds with the operation. Patients must be able to talk and discuss with his sleeve gastrectomy surgeon for them to have a better understanding on what will take place during and after the operation. These can also give the patients the details on how the operation may affect their lives.

Below are some important things one should know about sleeve gastrectomy:

● A “sleeve” will be created inside the stomach. This is a thin passageway intended for the food so that it can go to the digestive system.

● There will be lesser space in the stomach since a large portion of it will be blocked. Because of this, the individual who have undergone the operation will easily get full even with just small amounts of food. With this, patients will start to lessen their food intake and eventually will start losing weight

● The process of the digestive system will still be the same – the food will still pass through the digestive tract and will be absorbed by the body.

● The operation is performed laparoscopically. This means that the procedure only involves small incisions. With this, a patient is expected to recover faster.

● Patients must continue to maintain their healthy lifestyle. This means that they should have a balanced life consisting of regular exercise and a healthy and balanced diet.

A person who really wants to be healthy must instill the discipline in his body. Certain surgeries may be able to help him shed off some pounds but it takes extra effort to maintain and keep oneself engaged with a healthy lifestyle. The body must be well taken care of inside and out. One must be very careful in choosing the procedure to be done to his body. He must also assess the people who will conduct the operation and ensure that he will be in good hands. Safety measures should not be disregarded especially if this can make or break one’s life.

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