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Skip Tracing Basics

ore than just simple research and background checking, skip tracing is defined as a service provided to find the location of a certain individual. It is a method used by debt collectors, bail bond officers, process servers, repossession agents, attorneys, private investigators, police detectives, journalists and people who skip trace for a living. The goal of these professionals is to collect a great deal of information as soon as possible about the subject or “skip persons.”
Skip Tracing Basics
There are three different types of skip persons – unintentional, intentional and fraudulent. The unintentional skips are people not trying to hide from anyone and may be unaware of their debt. In contrast, intentional skips know they have debt and cannot or do not plan to pay for it. They might have excessive debts in other places too. Lastly, fraudulent skips usually do not intend to pay their debt and could be in hiding. Collecting from these people require a stiffer approach.

In skip tracing, previous resources such as phone number databases, credit reports, loan applications, credit card applications, job application information, background checks, utility bills, disability, social security, and tax information can be useful. The data gathered such as those mentioned will be analyzed, reduced, and verified through employing methods of social engineering, calling or visiting other known contacts to ask about the subject. Even public and private databases can cross-reference skip tracing information with people they got in touch with from the past.

Other tools in skip tracing include the internet and social media. Some believe that the internet may be the solution to skip tracing. Phone and address directories, popular search engines, and free tracking websites are all available. Public records can also be accessed through the internet including marriages, divorces, civil actions, criminal actions, and foreclosures.

Social media tools are now being utilized by collectors as a tool in skip tracing more than a way to collect debt from someone. Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, to name a few social networking sites, may help locate a person. Making use of these sites to gather data and inspect a person’s past requires a lot of work and often will give you only nil chances at getting a collection.

This is where the role of skip tracing agencies come in. A skip tracing agency is a credit reporting entity specializing in mortgage credit reports, landlord credit check, background check, and other services. Their goal is to help clients close more loans and earn more money. The credit bureau may be the all-in-one solution. All that you need for a credit bureau search is the social security number of the person and the name, age, date of birth, current address, phone number, historical addresses, and aliases.

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