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Simple Solutions to Fix Toilet Leaking

Leaking toilets is a serious problem as they tend to waste massive amounts of water if not repaired immediately. With the vast number of toilet leaking problems around the country, thousands of gallons of water are actually wasted every month. This not only increases your water bills but also slowly depletes the water availability.

simple solutions to fix toilet leaking

Detecting a toilet leak involves a series of inspections. It is also a simple job once you know basic toilet fittings and components. Inside the toilet tank, there are two valves. One is for water refill and the other for flushing. There will be other components like the gloat ball and the flush ball. A basic examination of the parts will tell you how the toilet flush works. It is a simple mechanism and it’s very easy to figure out the role of each of its components.

Usually, leaks occur when one or both of the valves malfunction. There will either be a water overflow in the tank or an unending leakage of water into the toilet bowl. The overflow of the tank happens when the refill valve is at error and similarly, a faulty flush valve will cause nonstop water leakage into the bowl. There are some tips and tricks to determine which valve is not performing well and how to fix them. It is easy to find out if your refill valve is faulty or not. All you have to do is see if the tank is overflowing. If it is, then you need to repair your refill valve.

And to check if the flush valve is causing the toilet leaking, you have to first shut the water supply to the tank and mark the current water level. Later, maybe after an hour or so, do come back and check if the water level is the same as marked. If the water has decreased, then chances are your flush valve is defective.

There are distinctively two methods by which you can fix the refill valve. This mostly depends on what mechanism of water control your refill valve uses. If it is a plastic refill valve, then you simply turn off the water and adjust the hand nut that regulates water level. And if you have a Ballcock Refill Valve, then all you need to do is adjust the float arm to match the water level mark.

Similarly, you need to adjust the arm of the flush ball to seal the waterway when all the water has been used. You manually adjust the arm to precision and check if it works.

These are just some simple solutions to toilet leaking problems and you’ll find that they are not at all confusing nor demanding. Fixing toilet leaking issues can be very simple. You need not hire a professional plumber for this purpose, unless the problem is too severe. Once you figure out how to identify the problem, the fixing part would be very simple.

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