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Show Some Fashion Sense Through Your Nails

Having a good fashion sense has been the trend for most girls and women of today’s generation. Some show their fashion sense through their clothes and accessories, and even through the way they wear shoes and hats. Others love to style their hair every once in a while to create a new look, and a lot of fashionable people do not forget about their nails. Even tweens experiment with their nails as part of their bonding sessions with friends.
show some fashion sense through your nails
Before jumping into your pajamas for that slumber party, make sure first that you and your girls are prepared, especially with the different games you’ll play. One unique thing you can do is play nail design games – all you have to do is divide yourselves into pairs. The pairs are responsible for trimming each other’s nails and cuticles. After which, apply a layer of coating on the nail. Here are some nail design games that are suitable for tweens, ladies, and women of all ages.

Challenge each other with Nail Painting
In this game, players are asked to provide a drawing and a written description of their desired nail design on a piece of paper. Colored pencils are perfect for this. Players should have an exchange of descriptions but should not reveal the drawing. The players must do their best to follow the written descriptions with the use of colored nail polish. After drying, compare the outcome to the drawing on the paper. The player that designed the nails closest to the original drawing wins.

Nail Makeover in Speed
From the title itself, this game requires speed from the players. First, divide the group into teams of two. Each pair should make their own style of manicuring and pedicuring as fast as they can. The points in this game are determined based on the neatness and speed in doing the challenge. The team with the highest points wins.

If you think that the games are not suitable for you, then think of creating your own nail design games. But first, you need to know what designs are good for different types of nails. Here are some tips to help you create your own nail design games.

Short Nails
Since short nails do not provide much surface for you to work on, you should focus more on crafting unique designs. Painting nails with different shades of pink or gold then applying spark designs would make the fingers and toes look more beautiful. The outcome of the design highly depends on the colors you choose so be careful with your selection, but be creative as well.

Long Nails
Long nails are perfect for nail designing games since they have more surface area to work on. Adhesive or artificial nail tops may be applied at the tip of the nail to make it look longer. Stripes are also recommended as well as the diagonal ones, as long as the colors will match the design.

Now that you know which styles are suitable for each type of nail, you can now enjoy a good round of nail designing games with your girls.

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