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Shakespeare Conspiracy Theory

If you ever get in brawls because you’re often part of heated arguments about the truth that the ancient aliens built the Pyramids of Giza, or the moon landings you’re as sure as hell were poorly staged at Area 51, or that Michael Jackson’s death was absolutely fake and that the King of Pop still lives, then the possibility that William Shakespeare was just some lowbrow, pseudo-writer paid to take credit for someone else’s lifework should get your adrenaline pumping.

In what could’ve been the equivalent of a semi-Gossip Girl world in the Elizabethan slash Jacobean England, Shakespeare must have been queen bee, because as far back as almost two centuries ago, he couldn’t help but have haters. Various conspiracy theories attempted, and still do, to strip him out of his playwright glory and demote him into some wretched low life.


Conspirators (similar to modern Twitter bashers nowadays!) point out that these Shakespearean plays contain overwhelming knowledge about foreign lands, depict too much familiarity about court life and affairs, shows awareness with aristocratic sports and portrays various writing styles, which can only be observed from those who have managed to acquire advanced education from a reputable institution. Obviously, doesn’t fit Shakespeare’s description. Poor Shakespeare, just because he wasn’t haughty, dead and couldn’t defend himself, took all this bashing.

But while, there are those who question Shakespeare’s authenticity, there are those who run to his rescue, his fangirls and fanboys, pointing out that although underprivileged, he was able to excel with his classic education, Latin, rhetoric, local grammar and even mathematics! Apart from that, various other arguments in favor of Shakespeare’s authorship surfaced. It was brought up that just like Shakespeare, numerous playwrights came from humble beginnings, often more humble than his, just like Ben Jonson, who was simply the son of a bricklayer. If stature was such big a deal, how come no one else takes credit of Ben Jonson’s plays?

William Shakespeare, just like the literary boss that he was, has his hometown folks to thank for. Stratfordists backed favorable arguments that his names appeared in various documents alongside his plays. Add to that countless testimonials by poets such as Hugh Holland and Leonard Digges regarding his work. (There you go Shakespeare!)

Meanwhile, true or not, we’d all agree that Romeo & Juliet, King Lear and Hamlet, as well as all other works of “Shakespeare” are great masterpieces that not even the books of Harry Potter, Twilight or Hunger Games will ever surpass!!

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