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Sexy Halloween Costumes for Men

Once a year, on Halloween, we get the chance to dress up and live out our fantasies, and it’s always the ladies who get all the attention. Why not level the playing field, and give those dressed-up playboy bunnies, hot nurses, and wild schoolgirls a run for their money. This year, it’s the boys’ time to shine. Presenting some sexy Halloween costumes for men that’s sure to get the girls all hot and bothered.



Sound the alarm. Women love dirty, grimy, strong men in suspenders, wielding giant axes. Dressing as one is such a clever Halloween costume idea. Why do you think firemen calendars are such a hit?


Don Draper from Mad Men

What’s not to love? Retro style suit. Slicked back hair. The smell of cigarettes and power? This guy screams ladykiller.



Maybe it’s the whole Logan (you know, Wolverine on X-Men) lumberjack thing, or the tough guy exterior, once you slip on those flannel checks and grow some stubbly, expect ladies to fall like “tim-berrrrrr!”


Wesley from The Princess Bride

Revive your old Zorro costume, learn some witty rhetoric, and soon you’ll land yourself your own Buttercup – what a clever Halloween costume idea!


The Dark Knight

Oh, the classic sexy Halloween costume for men. For the love of god, this is the Christian Bale version and not the Michael Keaton one ok? And try practicing the menacing, gravelly voice for the total effect.

Sexy Halloween Costumes for Men

The Joker

Heath Ledger’s portrayal of this iconic villain was just insane. Make him proud.


Roman Soldier

Your date will be intimidated by your fashionista leather skirt and gladiator sandals, and get turned on at the same time.


Tom Cruise in Top Gun

And here’s another clever Halloween costume idea. Chicks dig guys in leather jackets and shades. Just ask Danny Zuko from Grease. However, you will get the unfair advantage. Since you drive a jet after all.


Police Officer

The most popular stripper, er I mean, sexy Halloween costume for men, like, ever. It gives you a valid excuse to carry around handcuffs.



A Nordic god wielding a kick-ass metal hammer. Nuff said.


Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice

Trust me. Any girl who tells you that they are not into Austen and Bronte novels is most definitely lying. Swoon.


Richard Gere in An Officer and a Gentleman

A white, crisp naval uniform, decorated with medals and that suave navy hat. Aye aye captain!

Jimmy Darmody from Boardwalk Empire

The roaring twenties are back in style again thanks to the Prohibition-era show Boardwalk Empire and the upcoming movie, The Great Gatsby. Sleek, sexy, and dangerous.


The Crow

Tight black leather. Black lipstick. Guyliner. And did I mention, tight black leather?



This brown long-sleeved crew and cargo pants ensemble make up Dexter’s “kill suit.” It’s this casual and unlikely outfit of a serial killer that makes this clever Halloween costume idea to die for.


Jack The Ripper

London’s famed serial murderer can actually turn out to be a sexy Halloween costume for men, since Victorian London garb was indeed one of the most fashionable.


Abraham Lincoln

What is it with guys with axes? This fella has been experiencing a rebirth of sorts with books and movies being made about him in the past two years. His stovepipe hat, the beard, and that pensive stare make Honest Abe THE Halloween costume to beat.


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