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Sexiest Cars of All Time

Our reasons for buying cars are influenced by a number of different reasons. Sometimes we buy cars for the purpose of travel—going to work, dropping off the kids, etc. Some we buy for carrying a lot of weight, much like those cars that can carry a lot of equipment, your surfboards, perhaps? Some we buy to show how rich we are. And then there are some for the full intention of adding on to your sexiness; the sexy cars that the single bachelors and bachelorettes splurge in the hopes of finding that special someone. (Don’t lie, we know.)

So we have ranked the top sexiest cars that we know all you twenty-something would want to get your greedy little hands on. These are the cars you have day dreamed about ever since you were little kids. The ones you have little versions of in your cupboard tucked somewhere.

1948 Cadillac Series 61 Sedanette

1948 cadillac

Let’s go back to the classics. This car best represents what Cadillac is like. It says much about what cars were like also with its rounded fenders and its rakish roofline. It’s a very striking car and it’s sexy and classy all at the same time.

1971 Lamborghini Miura p400 SV

1971 lamborghini

If you are looking for a car that has a mix of design and aesthetics—this is it. This car also started, more or less, the sports car craze. Hmmm.

Ford F-150

ford f150

42% of women on a survey said that they feel that the most attractive men drive pickups. And what better pickup to buy than that from the most attractive maker for cars. The Ford F-150 is a great buy for all men because it’s touch-smart and yes, very sexy.


bmw z4


A lot of men picture sexy women behind an equally sexy car like a sports car. The BMW Z4 is highly recommended for women since it’s very sexy and sleek; plus the two seats shows men that you definitely have no kids. (If you know what we mean.)

1936 Auburn Boattail Speedster

1936 auburn


Hands down, we think this is the most elegant sports car you will ever see—ever. It is smooth, sensual and we have always managed to picture the men driving these with women in short skirts.

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