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Setting Up Your Own Computer Rack

As a computer savvy, you do not only want to have the latest software applications that boosts the performance of your device but you also look out for protective accessories to ensure that your computer is always in tip top shape. In fact, most people even shell out huge amounts of money just to buy those covers and computer racks that properly store their computers when not in use.
Setting Up Your Own Computer Rack
For those who wish to have their own computer racks but are short on the budget, worry no more as you can create your own computer rack as easy as 1-2-3 just by following these tips:

Although computer racks do not have a standard depth, majority of the racks available in the market comes in a standard 19-inch EIA. If you prefer to veer away from the usual rack size as seen in the market, you can just measure the deepest hardware so that you have an estimate on the depth of your computer rack.

Rack Units
Rack Units (U) pertain to the height of the computer rack. In order for you to come up with an accurately sized computer rack, note that a rack unit is equal to 1.75 inches. A common full size rack size on the other hand is 42U which is equivalent to 73.5 inches.

Create your computer rack frame
In creating a rack frame, you can either buy pre-punched rack rails or build one yourself. Just make sure to use the correct patterns. The most common hole patterns are the EIA and Universal. An 11 gauge steel is recommended in making these threaded holes.

The most critical factor you have to consider in creating your own computer rack is the density of power that your computer requires. This depends on the configuration of your hardware, thus, it is best to identify the type of power that best suits your computer-whether it would perfectly run using a vertical or a rackmount powerstrip.

Setting up your own computer rack at home is indeed challenging but fun. Once you get to take note of the important factors you have to consider in designing or building your own computer rack, everything becomes easy. Just keep yourself armed with sufficient knowledge by reading catalogues of rackmount powerstrips and computer racks that would keep you updated with the latest information you need to know in designing your own computer racks at home.

On the other hand, if you don’t have the time, expertise, and confidence to do so, you can always seek the help of professionals who can set up a perfect rack unit for your computers.

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