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Setting the Concert Stage

Setting stages for events such as musicals, variety shows, theater and concerts can be rewarding if it is coupled with proper planning and coordination from your tech support personnel. Staging a first-time concert could be a success if you also know the basic equipment you need. But first things first, you cannot have a concert if you don’t have a good playing band. Second, you must secure the venue 6 months (or more) before your event.
Setting the Concert Stage
Once you have booked the band and the venue, it’s now time to obtain the different equipment to produce an awesome audio visual show your audience will remember.

The public address system or PA
The PA, as what they call it, is the basic sound amplification device consisting of amplified speakers and a mixer. This will be used to run the vocals (of your band) and the secondary amplification of all of the other instruments. This can also be used to play any music you may have while the band isn’t playing. Depending on the size of the band and the venue, you should employ a technician and be prepared with a number of necessary microphones. Your technician will operate the mixer itself and hook up the microphones. But, more often than not, the venue will have a technician you can employ and the band may also have their specific sound person.

Your band’s back line
This simply refers to the instruments that will be used by the band. It is as important as the PA because you have to double check if it is sorted out. Usually, when there’s more than one band playing, often one band will supply some or majority of the instruments. If it would be a larger band, the instruments will be brought along with them. Be prepared to source an amp or drum kit if the band (you’ve booked) has to travel light to minimize expenses.

Lighting and visual effects
A band may or may not have a visual element to their performance, but you must always assume that lighting is necessary to make a concert spectacular. Basic stage lighting is all that is really necessary. But when your budget is large enough, it is best to hire an audio visual and lighting technician.

Dependable “Roadies”
Behind every concert are hidden people working to make it a spectacle. Depending on the size of the band, technicians or roadies set up their own equipment and operate the PA.

The band
Once you’re unsure about something, always ask what is needed. Bands will often assume something is organized if it isn’t mentioned that’s why you must keep them informed.

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