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Selecting the Best Juicer for Your Lifestyle

There are plenty of detoxifying drinks that are recommended not just for losing weight but also for living a healthier lifestyle. Juices are among these. An important component of juicing, aside from the fruits and vegetables, is the machine used to extract the juice. There are two types of juice machines that you can choose from, the centrifugal juice machine and the masticating juicer. So which one is the best juicer for your lifestyle?


The Centrifugal Juicer

A centrifugal juicer is the most common type of juicing machine and is more affordable. It works well with soft and hard vegetables and fruits, but not so well with leafy vegetables such as spinach or kale. The centrifugal juicer spins at high speed. This grounds the vegetables or fruits that you push down the chute into a pulp. The same spinning motion separates the juice from the pulp. The juice that is produced by a centrifugal juicer has more foam because of the high-speed spinning which can trap more air and cause frothing.

Some people say that the high speed action also produces too much heat which may kill the enzymes in the juice. That is probably the reason why the juice extracted by the centrifugal juicer must be consumed right away.

The centrifugal juicer produces a bit of noise as it works, but since it is less expensive, a centrifugal juicer can easily fit into anyone’s budget. And because it operates at high-speed, you get your juice much faster. You also get fresh juice at all times because it cannot be stored for long.

The Masticating Juicer

The masticating juicers are more pricey than the centrifugal models. It works quietly at low speed with no spinning action. The slow crushing and squeezing action is the reason why this masticating juicer can juice soft and leafy green veggies such as spinach, parsley, cilantro, kale, and wheatgrass. Because of its low speed action, it allows you to juice more vegetables with greater efficiency.

The juicer yields at least 20 to 30% more juice compared to the centrifugal juicing machine. You can even save on vegetables because it requires less vegetables to produce more juice.

Its low-speed but powerful motor eliminates oxidation so it can preserve the enzymes and the nutrients of the juices. The juice that the masticating juicer makes has very little foam. It can even reduce the amount of pesticides in the juice that it makes, that is, if you have not used organic vegetables or fruits. Since the juice it makes can last longer, you can make a large batch of juice which you can store for future use.

One big advantage of the masticating juicer is its versatility. It can make baby food, grind coffee beans and spices, mince herbs, and turn nuts into nut butter.

Our Preference

We prefer to use the masticating juicer. Although it is more expensive than the centrifugal juicer, it allows you to save on vegetables and fruits because it produces more juice from less produce. We like the fact that it can preserve the enzymes and nutrients of the juices. We also enjoy its versatility. Aside from juicing, one can also use it to mince herbs and make peanut butter. Most people like to work quietly in the kitchen so the masticating juicer is perfect because it operates quietly.

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