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Saving Tips for your Clothing

You’ve been dreaming to go to a vacation or buy yourself a gift sometime soon. You’ve been saving for months or even years now just to make that dream come true. And then you turn to your closet. Is it possible to save some more money with it? Here are then some saving tips for your clothing:

saving tips for your clothing


Tip #1: Air-dry your clothes.

Hang it up to air-dry your clothes instead of using dryers. Dryers use more energy and could actually ruin your clothes! So if you want to prolong the quality and lifespan of your shirt or favorite dress, you might as well consider minimizing dryer use.

Tip #2: Use cold water!

Using cold water in washing your clothes saves energy and money since the cost lies in heating the water. Even though hot water cleans better than cold water does, you can still benefit from using the latter especially in clothes that aren’t really soiled so you can save up to a few cents per load.

Tip #3: Take care of all of your clothes like you take care of your favorite shirt.

You may not love every clothes you have but taking care of all of it as much as possible can benefit you in the long run. Being careful in handling your clothes increases their lifespan so you won’t have to buy new ones again (yet) if you don’t need to.

Tip #4: When buying clothes, check the labels.

Clothes with “dry clean only” costs you a lot more since you have to ship them off to the dry cleaners instead of washing them the usual way. You will have to invest some more time, effort and money just to take care of them but if you really can’t avoid buying such, then you can wash them instead with mild soaps yourself.

Tip #5: Hand wash your clothes.

As much as possible, hand wash your clothes. It entails more effort but it cuts the costs of using energy to machine wash it.

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